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Tolagon databank added!

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Worldbuilding from the ground up can get messy. I can tell you that when the writer has no hooks back to the earthly world we are all familiar with, he/she has their work cut out for them. Especially when building a complex world for which Tolagon takes place. For example, if I were to tell you in the opening scene of a story, a man is standing in Times Square in NYC, and it's 2019, you already have a solid base understanding of what you're supposed to be seeing. Further, you already have an understanding of the political and social history, unless the writer eludes otherwise. If I tell you the planet Mars, you know where that is and what it looks like. If I tell you Soorak or Thale, you're clueless, and I need to explain it to you.

I must confess, I drop a lot of different species, locations, and tech in my opening chapters. It can be daunting at first. If you can hang in there, I promise you a fantastic ride!

So, if you're reading Tolagon: Age of the Marcks, and getting lost in the some of the many different species and places, there is help! I've created a databank for reference.

I will add to and polish this databank over time, but hopefully, this will provide a reference point for my readers.

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