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Song of the Laggorns - Interesting facts part 1

Here is a little detail about the last installment of the Tolagon series. The original outline for the content of Song of the Laggorns was supposed to be three books, leaving the series with a total of five. However, after working on this story in both small bites and large gulps over twelve years, I was ready to be finished and move on to other projects. The material was condensed into one final book. Therefore, the story moves fast, and the reader needs to pay attention, especially during the midpoint, where everything comes to a head. But this is how I prefer to write and what I like to read. Please note that you will get a dose of quantum physics, so keep your thinking cap secured!

Song of the Laggorns picks up two years after the events in The Queen Protocol. Our heroes, again, are thrust into a desperate race for survival. The reader will learn more about the origins of the orbs and Gabor, the mysterious place where Tolagons learn to become virtuous superheroes and harness their powers. Cyos, the living orb-powered nebula, also makes its first appearance, bringing a host of consequences and revelations.

Song of the Laggorns, unlike the first two books of the Tolagon series, changes the reader's point of view from Crix to Kerriah. This time, the system's fate will depend on her wit and determination to overcome a myriad of challenges. She takes on two significant transformations to battle the forces of darkness and save her friends. But will it be enough?

Stay tuned for more tidbits about what inspired this story!

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