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Revised blurb

I never liked my original blurb, so I have been working on it. Writing a good blurb is challenging. I'm not one to suffer from creative brain locks, but I'll have to admit that writing the blurb for the first book in the Tolagon series was frustrating.

New blurb

Crix Emberook has a transcendent power within him. It was left there by his father. The father he doesn’t know. It’s that very power that thrusts him into the center of the tragedy unfolding around him.

The local system has fought fiercely for two generations to repel the ravaging Thraxon invasion. It has driven its population into desperation, so much so that they have made a terrible mistake. They have created the Marcks, a mechanical force that was supposed to save them. However, what they have built, is now more terrifying than the Thraxons.

Born in the shadows of the great Thraxon war, and hidden in a foreign land from the Marcks, Crix, is forbidden to call upon the power that dwells inside him. The power of the blue orb that can save them all.

Old Blurb - Bleh

Since his earliest memories, the blue orb has dwelled within Crix Emberook. He was instructed to never call upon its enigmatic power in fear that everything would be lost. It was a close friend that he had to ignore. He was always able to endure this struggle until a mysterious, black ship blinked into the skyline and crashed nearby.

His quest to investigate this ship thrusts him into a world ruled by an oppressive mechanical force, and they have been searching for the blue orb for decades.

Who truly controls this relentless force? Who is Kerriah, the beautiful woman that has him so captivated? The timing of her arrival and her unique gifts has him questioning everything about her. Now he must assemble the puzzle of the past.

He discovers that a tyrannical force overshadows the entire Oro system. Crix will need to harness the power of the orb; he must become a Tolagon. He finds that nothing is as it seems and the costs are more than he could have imagined . . .

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