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Are you ready for book three of the Tolagon series? Song of the Laggorns is coming!

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Whew! It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since my last post. 2022 has been one of the busiest years I can ever recall. Chipping away at this block of marble each morning before I started my ever-demanding day job created a two-year gap between The Queen Protocol and Song of the Laggorns.

For the final installment of my maiden series, I’ve pulled from an extensive mental draft that I scribbled down on a notepad or pecked into a writer app on my phone as the thoughts emerged over the past ten years. That’s right, much of this content came to mind in the early years while drafting books one and two. By the time I started writing this book, I had quite a catalog to pull from, and of course, I wanted to use every idea I had imagined. As you can expect, that made for a heart-pounding, mind-spinning tale with the characters crying out for mercy. At the end of the first draft, a fantastic sculpt stood before me but lacked the shine my beloved characters deserved. So, as I finish filing and polishing this great chunk of stone and prepare to send the story to beta readers, the mix of doubts, fears, and excitement nudges me awake throughout these restless nights. It seems a normal process for writers. Therefore, I can relax on that comforting thought.

Piecing together this fantastic journey was an enjoyable experience, and I have zero regrets about how it turned out. Science fiction is a tricky genre with a smaller reader base. With the challenges that the series presented, given the complex backstories, the vast array of species, technology, and the deep cast of characters, I hope that all my stories moving forward will be easy in comparison. We shall see.

Song of the Laggorns picks up two years after the events in The Queen Protocol, and as the title suggests, the reader will learn more about the great beings that spawned the orb's power. My hope (of course) is that I have enough intrigue and revelations to keep the reader engaged from start to finish. I mean, isn’t that the goal? However, I understand that, like the first two books, I’m throwing a lot at the reader, and that’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. If you enjoyed the first two books, I feel confident that you’ll love this one as well.

What’s next? I already have the bones of a good horror story spinning around in my head, and I can’t wait to start!

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