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Luminars are from the distant world of Eesolan. These highly intelligent and evolved species gained their notable glowing skin from a nearby gamma-ray burst. The burst occurred a millennia ago, and its proximity to Eesolan killed off most of the population of the planet. The few that survived found themselves gifted with heightened intellect and long lifespans. When their life-force begins to run low, they are fully aware of it and prepare for their eventual passing. They discovered the Oro system during deep interstellar exploration. They created the Gammac corridors and utilized these space, jumping portals to reach deep into space. They also discovered Cyos, the living nebula, and its five powerful orbs. Their emissaries gifted four of the orbs, one of each, to the populated worlds of this system. It was the first system they discovered that had intelligent life, and the system was on the brink of self-destruction from generations of civil war.

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