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Ancient creatures of Andorian lore, the Laggorns lived in the Auroro system and grew powerful within the brilliance of its blue star. They created a kaleidoscopic of lifeforms and flora, spanning them across the Auroro system. All their developed wonders were lost when their star exploded, devastating everything within the thriving system. Only the four Laggorns, which were at the furthest reaches of the system at the time of the event, survived. They cast through deep space for one hundred ages until they passed into the dual star system of Oro. The Laggorn of the sea fell upon Thale and created its watery surface, and the Laggorns of the winds, beasts, and trees fell upon Troika, reshaping that world. Equus was the last to survive and gave the remains of its power to Suros, the great Andor Chief.

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